Gordi releases new singles “Stranger” and “Vistor” — MP3 & NPCs


Australian indie musician Sophie Payten bka Gordi has unveiled two singles from their upcoming Inhuman EP yesterday.

Although “Stranger” and “Vistor” are two separate songs, they were released together due to their reflective nature. Payten had this to say about “Stranger”:

“After spending the day with Alex Somers at his studio in Reykjavík while recording my debut album in January 2017, I walked back through deep snow to my hostel. I sat on the one of eight bunk beds and I wrote “Stranger”. The song has lived on in many forms ever since, and I’ve always wanted to find a home for it. In one of Melbourne’s many lockdowns, I finally rewrote the track – I got my friend, JT Bates, to add drums in the Midwest.”

Regarding the piano ballad “Visitor,” Payten said:

“I’ve spent much of my life driving long distances. Going back to a chapter in life to feel like a visitor, a stranger to your own experience. This song started sitting at my parent’s piano, j I built the arrangement over six or seven months. As the song was put together, a phrase I had come across swirled around my head: the literal meaning of overused and underrated ‘nostalgia’ – the pain of returning home.

Pre-orders for Inhuman, which falls on August 19 on Jagjaguwar, can be made here. “Stranger”https://mp3sandnpcs.com/”Visitor” is available on digital services right now.


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