TOM and his computer release the EP “Heart Blossom” with Cosette Gobat


TOM And His Computer is the alter ego of Copenhagen legend Thomas Bertelsen. After releasing his debut EP under this name in 2017 for Trentemøller’s In My Room label, he will later release his debut album Future Ruins in 2020. sees a comeback with a pair of achingly beautiful music tracks, “Heart Blossom” ft. Cosette Gobat and “Along Coastlines”, displaying a slightly different sonic palette for the artist.

“Heart Blossom” features Gobat’s ethereal vocals in a perfect track for that final ride into the sunset as the end credits of an imaginary film roll. “Cosette,” says TOM, “is a very versatile singer, originally from Philadelphia, now based in London. I knew her when I was mixing a track for a super talented Italian named Gae Vinci. She was singing on that track, and I I immediately fell in love with her voice, she was up for a collaboration and things went from there.

The production is, as always, sublime – with bubbly chords, touches of New Order’s early ’80s melancholy and a drawling drum track that underpins Cosette’s dreamy lyricism. “Along Coastlines” is a beautiful counterpoint – synth washes, effect guitars and snippets of melody combine to produce a beautiful piece of ambient expressionism.

“After taking – by my standards – a long break from creating new music, I felt I had to try something different than what I usually do.” TOM explains. “The past two years have been a roller coaster for most people and like most people, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone to explore some of my brightest sides in music making. I wouldn’t say that the musical style has changed drastically. I see it more as a natural progression and sonically I’ve always found it interesting to be somewhere on the border between light and dark.”

The new single comes just in time for an extensive live tour across North America where TOM And His Computer will be supporting Trentemøller. Tickets are available here. “I was lucky enough to support Trentemøller on some of his previous tours and those tours were some of the best experiences I’ve ever had,” says TOM.

“Pure devoted and very open-minded music lovers. People who attend these concerts only go there because they are genuinely interested in good quality independent music. As an opening act, I don’t think one could ask for more.”

Listen to the new single here:


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